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Having a four wheel alignment check should be part of any responsible motorists servicing procedure. By having your vehicle checked annually or every 12 – 15,000 miles you can:

Reduce Tyre Wear
Mis-alignment is a major cause of unnecessary tyre wear. A properly aligned car can add thousands of miles to tyre life.

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Fuel consumption decreases as rolling resistance decreases. A correctly set four wheel alignment along with proper tyre pressures minimises the rolling resistance.

Save Money and the Environment

By preventing premature tyre wear (and early tyre disposal) and improving fuel economy/carbon emissions, it not only reduces the cost of motoring, but will help the environment too!

Improve Handling
Does your car pull to one side? Do you constantly have to move the steering wheel to keep your car travelling straight ahead?

Many handling problems can be corrected by four wheel alignment. With all the system components aligned properly, road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride

Ensure Safer Driving
Mis-alignment can affect handling and can make the car unsafe. A suspension system inspection is part of the alignment procedure; this will help highlight any worn or damaged parts before they cause a more costly problem.

What should I expect from a four wheel alignment service?
The Hunter imaging wheel alignment system measures 14 primary alignment angles. These include camber, caster, thrust line and set back and of course, toe in or toe out on front and rear wheels. Comparisons are then made against the vehicle manufacturers’ data, for your specific car.

The initial measurement should take no more than 15 – 25 minutes. The alignment technician will then be able to discuss with you, the findings and which adjustments are necessary.

When the alignment adjustments are complete, you will be presented with your personalised printout, showing the ‘before and after’ measurements. This is your guarantee that the work has been carried out to your satisfaction and should be kept with your vehicle servicing records.

CHOOSE A1 Automac TODAY the ideal choice is Alignment in Portsmouth, Hampshire.


A1 Automac Ltd – Unit 2 Cluster Ind                    Estate – Rodney Road,                                    Southsea – Portsmouth, PO4 8ST

Email: a1automac@gmail.com
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Brett W
Brett W
22:19 13 Apr 18
Excellent, friendly and professional service, I have used them with all my cars for the last 5 years and will continue to in the years to come. Higly recommend.
Andrei Cristian
Andrei Cristian
03:17 05 Mar 18
great garage. they always deliver
Prince Zain
Prince Zain
15:58 17 Feb 18
some idiots are here making a bad comments i have seem back in the garage again! so please before you made any negative comments think you might have to use a same garage again!
Chad Donoghue
Chad Donoghue
12:34 22 Oct 17
Took car in for MOT, was failed on a few items which included the front rear bushes and handbrake so arranged for the garage to repair these faults. Told car was fixed and that a rear caliper had to be replaced for the handbrake fault. On leaving the breaks felt very spongy and when coming to a slow stop the front drivers side wheel was making a large banging noise. I called the garage and arranged to return the car to get this sorted as the car was braking fine before the MOT. On return they had said the front baring had gone and without my consent stripped the whole front wheel area out and destroyed parts in the process meaning I had no option but to get the work done as the car was now unable to be moved. Moral of the story is that this will be the last time I use this garage and have made formal complaints to VOSA and trading standards about the standard of work being carried out here and how they let me drive off without testing the car brakes properly and leaving me in a death trap!
Floare Gabriel Marian
Floare Gabriel Marian
11:59 20 Jun 17
If you look for a MOT test i didn't recommend you this place. Will fail your car and you will be asked for fixing car there. And most of the fail it is imaginary. I was faild for front brake problems. And surprise when i want fit the new brake disk and pads... The one from the car looking nearly new
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